Happy 1.5th Anniversary!

It’s June 26 today, happy happy eighteenth monthsary, my love! I can’t believe we’ve come this far. It’s all so surreal—even up to now. I remember we looked like kids one and a half years ago. Now, you’re looking more and more like a young lady! I looked at your pictures just now. All of your albums in facebook. (Yeah, ‘cause I’m stalker-ish like that. HAHA.) And as I was browsing your albums, I can’t believe how lucky I am, because there’s this radiant, heart-stoppingly beautiful chinita that I know is mine, and that loves me back. I look at your deep chocolate eyes and lovely, slender hands, thinking that, in five months, I’m gonna be looking at you and we’ll be HHWS!

I love you so much, and I’ll say that everyday for the rest of my life. That it’s only you I’ll love, and nobody else. We’re like strawberries and cream on a sunny Wimbledon day, or hot pan de sal and Dairy Creme, or pancakes and maple syrup, or chocolate ice cream and a waffle cone. We just are meant to be, you and me. :”> And I know, with my overly cheerful and optimistic—and hopelessly in love—heart, that it’s only you I’ll give myself to. I’m willing myself to make our love last forever, because I know you’re worth all the wait. 'Pag nagkita na tayo, palagi kong hahawakan ang mga kamay mo, at palagi kitang yayapusin at hahagkan. Nakakasabik ka na kasi, e.

You remember when I told you that someday, I’ll tell the world how much I love you? Well, here it is.


Cheer up, love. I’m here.

You asked me to call you because your friend upset you at school today. When I heard your voice break over the phone, my heart did as well. Upset was a grave understatement. I knew all I could do was listen to you, and I did. I listened to your mellow, saccharine voice stained with the flame of anger and frustration. I’ve never heard you so mad at someone before. All I could do was stare at the varnished wood of my desk as you told me all about it. I knew the feeling of being betrayed. There was nothing more heartbreaking. I asked you to calm down and told you I love you so much and I will never ever betray you.

Never. Until the day I grow old and have wrinkles.

I was desperate to cheer you up; you were quite a mess, and I hate knowing you’re upset. And when I heard you laugh after my attempt on cheering you up, I was ecstatic. I loved being the person to put a smile on that lovely face of yours, even though I didn’t see it at the time. I wasn’t born a joker, but somehow, my sense of humor appealed to you. Thanks for laughing at my lame jokes, and laughing sincerely at that. Haha. That’s why I love you. >:D< and I loved the fact that I cheered you up. I felt like I was the one being cheered up when I heard the musical tinkle of your voice. 

I really miss you, my love. I want to be with you so much, especially when you’re upset like that. I just wanted to hold you close to me and stroke your hair and kiss your cheek and tell you I’m always there for you. And when we meet again, I’m going to hold your hand, and sing you a song (even with my awful voice), and then I’ll hear your lovely laugh once more. :)

What I’d love to happen five months from now.

I’d like to think that five months from now, I’d be at the arrival area, pushing my trolley with a mountain of bags, and I will see you run towards me. We will be hugging each other for the first time in more than a year. I would feel your head on my shoulders, and your arms around my body. I would bury my face in your strawberry-scented hair once more. I’d feel your warmth engulfing me. I’d wipe your tears from your face, though I wouldn’t be able to control mine. We’d go somewhere private, an empty park maybe, and then I am going to kiss you. I’ll kiss you just like our first kiss in what seemed to be a thousand years ago. I will feel complete again. And we would not talk. We would just be in each other’s arms, because no words could ever come close to describing that perfect moment.

I want this to happen. I can barely sleep each night thinking about it. Every fibre of my being yearns for your presence. Every night, I wish this cold pillow was your warm embrace. Everyday, I wish I was with you, or you were with me. I wish I could teleport to your room, even only for a few minutes. I love you.

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